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About Ambre Dawn


Ambre Dawn got her certification to bring the healing powers of Tai Chi and Qigong to veterans with PTSD.  She found that this training is both calming and energizing, and has expanded the focus of her teaching practice to everyone. In today's world, so much of our energy is scattered by mental stress, negative words, spending too much time on electronic devices, and the uncertainty of current events. Her goal is to restore peaceful balance in the heart and mind of her students, in a way that is accessible to everyone. It is more important than ever to treat each other with kindness and respect, and to radiate peace from our true self to those around us.

Read more about her work through writing at ambredawnleffler.com.

Contact her by phone: 520.369.2230 or by email: ambre [at] ambredawnleffler [dot] com. 

what we offer

Breath Qigong Yoga All Abilities


Qigong is the perfect form of exercise for students with limited mobility, arthritis, lupus, and injuries. Each movement is at a slow, gentle pace in a relaxing environment. Students have benefited from increased stamina, improved balance, greater range of motion, and an overall sense of well being. 

Tai Chi for All Abilities


  Tai Chi is the perfect form of exercise for improving mobility and reducing pain linked to arthritis. Each movement is at a slow, gentle pace in a relaxing environment. Tai Chi increases stamina, improves balance, gives equal attention to the right and left brain, and builds confidence in learning each form.   

Tai Chi for Veterans


This class is to help veterans with PTSD and injuries such as compressed spines. Learning each form in Tai Chi builds patience and concentration. With this concentration, students are focused only on the next step, creating a meditative state of being in the present moment.

Breath training


The foundation of every class is breath training.

Breathing with your lower belly, dahn jun, creates the proper balance for energy circulation. This breath training promotes a cool head and warm hands and feet by bringing energy from your head to your lower belly.  Creating a hot center in your dahn jun builds your power center physically and emotionally.  With this center, you are able to deflect outside stress more easily in daily life. In class this training promotes a state of deep relaxation as restorative as a full night's sleep.

Class description


Tai Chi for All Abilities

  Tai Chi originated as a form of self defense, with each form designed to strengthen the legs and build a strong center of gravity. My training is a Korean discipline focused on both the self defense and meditative aspects of Yang style Tai Chi founded on breath training. Breath as a source of power creates movement without feeling fatigued. I adapt this class so students get the benefits of Tai Chi within each person's range of motion. Class time is approximately 50 minutes with light stretching to open meridian channels, breath training to connect mind and body, followed by Tai Chi walking for focus and balance training, and then Tai Chi.   


Tai Chi for Veterans

This class is designed to create a peaceful state of mind for veterans with PTSD. Participants in the Wounded Warrior Program have benefited from a calming of energy, improved ability to sleep at night, and overall sense of well being. Class  time is approximately 50 minutes and begins with tapping to awaken energy, light stretches to open meridian channels, breath training to connect mind and body, Qigong to build qi energy, concluding with learning Yang style tai chi.


Breath Qigong Yoga for All Abilities

This class is to awaken your energy sense thru qigong. Qi (energy) gong (to move) uses gentle, slow movement combined with breath training to circulate energy and return energy to the body.  Breath training as a source of power creates movement without feeling fatigued.  I teach Qigong in a relaxing environment that is accessible to everyone. Qigong can be practiced in a standing or sitting posture, and I am always watching and communicating with my students to be sure class is comfortable for them. Class time is approximately 50 minutes including light stretching to open meridian channels, breath training to connect mind and body, followed by Qigong and concluding with meditation. Every aspect of class creates a peaceful environment for a meditative state of being.  

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Tai Chi & Yoga Class Fees

Ability360 Classes

The first class is free!

Classes are $6/class thereafter

Group Class at a Studio

$15 drop in
$125 for 10 classes

Private Class at a Studio


Group Class at Your Home

$50/per person for 4 classes/month

Workshop/Special Enagement


Looking for Something Different at Your Conference?

Book a Qigong stretch break! Your attendees will appreciate it. Fees vary based on length of session and distance to event.



Accolades for Tai Dawn Chi:

"Ambre has provided classes to my Lupus Support Group. She did a fabulous job at adapting the class to meet my members' needs. I would highly recommend Ambre! " Toni G.

" My experience with Dawn Tai Chi is one I wish everyone could have. I can feel the benefit immediately, especially with breathing. She is calm and clear in her instruction and demonstration and makes adjustments as needed for all ages and infirmities. I highly recommend Dawn Tai Chi for people of all levels, and especially for beginners.

During class, just when it seems to be winding down, people are surprised at the burst of energy they experience when the Qi Gong portion begins. For some, including myself, this is a favorite part of class. It is challenging both physically and mentally -- in a good and productive way. You leave, certain that you can practice at home and come back with all the moves perfected. Then you try, and realize you need that classroom experience to understand the flow of movement. That's what makes attending Dawn Tai Chi such a rewarding experience." Kathy L. 

"Ambre quickly becomes familiar with her audience and customizes her exercises for any physical limitations...Any business that chooses to utilize Ambre’s service will greatly benefit from her expertise, energy and passion for Tai Chi." Dale R.  

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